Rocketmodeling a club “ Planet" was created on Ukraine in t. Nizhyn in1987 on the basis of school namber 15 Panahno V.V.

All began with the very simple: with small paper rockets which worked on motors of suspicious construction.

First emulations took place next year.

With Predannikov Denis, Zarkov GennadiyK Levchenko Sergey, brought the first rewards regional emulations. We caught sight of other, looked, what we could. We began to create constructions.

We looked for drafts, the pictures of new rockets, obtained new materials, glued, collected, tested.

More serious and effective the appearance of command on Ukraine championship among adult was where we become the champion in models class with parachute and silver prizeman in models class with ribbon, and in personal test Panahno Vladimir become the champion. Where included in Predannikov Denis and Truschenkov Alecsandr.

And then were:

1991.- SSSR (championship the prizemen are Panahno V., Predannikov D..)

1992.- competition of young rocketmodeling t. Sums (the prizemen are Predannikov D., Shkuro And.). Ukraine Championship among pupils t. Kakhovka (the prizemen are Luashenko R., Bunikov M., Shekera D.)

1993. - on the basis of mug it was created the team of Nizhyn State Training-college

with 1994 y. the schoolboys team and students team took part in all of Ukraine championships.

1996.- by Ukraine champions in personal test were Panahno . and Getman D. By Silver prizemen – Ohonko V., Bebeshko O.

1997.- the team of NSTC is Ukraine champion, in personal test Predannikov D., Zhyravlev S. look the first places.

1998.- younger schoolboys are bronze prizemen. Team of NSTC – is bronze prizeman in international completition on bowl Yangelya - Predannikov D became the absolute champion.

Did the sport foreman norms on rocketmodeling Panahno V., Predannikov D. candidates in sport foreman – Dubinin O., With. Zhyravlev S.

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