Украинская баннерная сеть

You are on page of rocketomodeling club of "Planet" t. Nizhyn (Ukraine) created by club founders and sponsors. It was Created in an ancient town of Nizhyn in 1987 on the basic of urban school №15 Panahno V.V. - by enthusiast and foreman of rocket modeling. A Club consists of basic team and juniors team.

On this page You can find short information of us, with creation moment, formation, first victories and failures, and also our problems. There exist photo information about our work, competitions. We shall Divide by experience on models construction (drafts and semblances). Here one can find new in rockets creation technology please. Write.

Problem Rubric is for those who will be interested, will understand them and will help us.

One Can read of our sponsors (old and new).

Set hopes on business collaboration with all of interested. Write to us about problems and achievements. Divide with us by rockets drafts for modeling. You Find us in net on address: write on or

Every month you will find new information.

Club Guidance beholden to server administration after assignment of disc-shaped space for Web-page and placing of mailbox, and also to page author Vova Vovochkin.